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Announcements: Cheri has been teaching at STEM Camps this summer at local libraries. Her next STEM class will be in September, and will focus on video editing. She will also be attending the Drones In The Heartland conference in October, so look her up if you also plan to attend!

Raw footage from the 31st Annual Duck Race (August 24, 2019) to benefit Center for Prevention of Abuse.

Bradley Soccer started this past weekend. Check out the cheer team--and their back flips!

Check out this awesome night footage from Clark Lupton of Nashville, Tennessee. His details are in the YouTube link if you'd like to buy any of his prints, etc. It's nice to know how well the Mavic 2 Pro shoots at night--this footage is stunning!

Spend the day learning and networking with other professionals and drone enthusiasts.
    Keynote address by Chad Sperry, Director of Western Illinois U. GIS Center          "Technological Leaps in High Resolution Data"
    Breakout sessions including:
         image capture & collection
         data manipulation
         emerging technologies for business, ag & emergency response
    Essential regulation/policy & technology updates
                                                                                                                      Flight & equipment demonstrations
                                                                                                                      Lunch included
                                                                                                                      Optional day-before activities
                                                                                                                Visit for the most up-to-date conference information.  

Big Picture Festival, downtown Peoria, IL, October 13, 2018.

First drone footage of the year--unedited clip of the flooding in East Peoria, Illinois, Eastport Marina, February 25, 2018. Drone season is about to start!

Are you or someone you know planning a wedding? We can help capture those special memories! See the video below for an example of what we could do for an outdoor wedding. Having an indoor wedding? We still have options for you. We can capture the newly married couple exiting the church or courthouse and all the other events going on outside. Another service we can provide is to capture video of the engaged couple as they do things they love to do together--and we can create a video montage for the wedding reception. Let us know if we can help! For information, call Rodney or Cheri at (309) 369-7067.

FAA Releases Optimistic Aerospace Forecast


Due to the mandatory registration that was implemented just over a year ago, the FAA estimates over the next 5 years there will be more than 3.5 million Hobbyist Drones and 420,000 Commercial Drones.
65%  Night operation, 35%  Operations over people, 19%  BVLOS Operations, 9%  Operations from a moving vehicle and Perational Limitation

5 Tips For Completing
An Epic Shot


1.  Check your Micro SD card and your Gimbal  Angle - use your Drone's gimbal pitch control to tilt your camera down slightly.
2.  Shoot flat for better footage - shoot in the RAW setting.
3.  Use lens filters to improve your Ariel Video - To adjust to ambient light with the fixed aperture the camera automatically accelerates it's shutter speed.
4.  Take Advantage of Light during the Golden Hour - The width of your fist is about 10 degrees Place your first knuckle on the horizon.
5.  The Litchi App costs money but it makes orbits easy - This orbit feature lets you determine the specifics for your shot in the app before the drone takes off.

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